Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Roundup

March, as you will already know has been bad news, but its looking i good, and i feel like its coming together again.

On the live front, i have finalled in the 4 of my last 6 visits. Showing £311.50 profit.

On the online front, i have been on a break of sorts, and only played in 2 of the past 6 days, and those sessions were v short. Both sessions have been winning, yielding $173.50 profit.

Maybe both of these ends to March have given me the confidence i need to have a great April. I've been cashing a lot in the DTD tournys and been playing them almost exclusively, and made the £8K's last 2 tables twice, picking up £81.50 and £80.00 respectably, only a coinflip away from a big £1K+ cash. So i think im back on track and looking forward to starting afresh in april.



The end of March completes the 12th month of me playing live in casinos, of those 12 months, 10 are in profit and 2 in slight loss:

April -- £79.75
May -- £122.85
June -- £252.25
July -- £157.80
August -- £19.00
September -- £200.12
October -- £196.70
November -- -(£98.30)
December -- £122.00
January -- £310.00
February -- -(£23.00)
March -- £244.50

It was the first time i actually added them up in monthly blocks, and am really pleased with how succesful my first year was on the live scene. Winning £1583.67 in £5-£20 tournys is an ok achievement for my first 12 months, hopefully i can recreate it over the next 12, and up the stakes up to the £75 level.


As you can see, -£1567.70 for march. SO SICK.

But i dont want to dwell on it, its only one month in the scheme of things and we'l see how april begins, please be another January, one time.

I aim to play 15 live tournys in April, as i'm having a jam packed easter schedule with ChipRich and Horneris, it was going to include the £100 event @ Merrion Grosvenor, advertised as a 10,000 stack 25/50 60 minute clock job, but this is incorrect and it is only 5,000 chips, so we will give it a miss and grind out the £20's @ Moortown.


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