Monday, April 30, 2007

April Roundup

I gambled with basically any winnings i had in april, i was up around £1K at one point. Then since that iv swung round to -£150, and am ending the month at +£44.83. I decided to take a shot at a big month to see if i could do it. This time i failed and chunked off the profit buying into the $100K/$350K/$1M on stars. But u live and learn.

So again, a really lousy month, but il live. I've had a very enjoyable month and spent a lot of moniesss! On a lot of nights out. But May is not being a social month, its is a massive grind month. Churning out 1000's of sng's on stars to begin as LeKnave vs Horneris : May 2007 begins.

On another note, i've managed to score 4 free entries into the $100K on mansion again this week. So hopefully, i could run good and scoop $24K first prize and have a relaxing month! That would be the case in an ideal world, but we'l have to see how it goes.

Edit: Colchester Kev made a typo, and it is in fact not me who has won the 4 free entries. I'll get revenge sometime.

So I'll probs have a few punts at the sats for the $100K's, as the values heaven, and the donk ChipRich will be in them if the value needed any more boosting ;-)

So, a great start to May is needed and ideally i would like to win £2300 in may, to attain my target average of £1K/month.

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