Monday, April 23, 2007

Gamble to win...

Took a few big shots this sunday to try earn so decent scratch.

Bought into the $300K on PTY and the $1M on stars, and managed 1 cash in the 1M for a mere $403 with 2 sick hands which could've allowed me to go deep.

AA cracked

First this hand, i decided that as it was 'moving time' on my table, a limp UTG to stem some action would be required. The play worked perfectly and i was in a great spot to have a T$150K stack.

Final Hand

The final hand was pretty standard, and when the turn fell, i really didnt like it for some reason but at that point there was no real way back.

I thought i played pretty solidly and took a lot of shots at pots on the flop later on, which were taken down uncontested. I really like the calibre of field in the million, and it is usually pretty easy to navigate. Just need the few breaks to go deep.

Currently for April im in profit by +£450 so its not all too bad, and il keep plugging away to try bag a real cash.

I've been playing the MTT's on stars in a very disciplined manner and have been going very well in the $3r+$5r then just flickering out by losing that essential CF with 50ish left.

I did have a $1000 cash in one of the mansion $100K's a few weeks back when i ran QQ into KK to miss a shot at the big monies. Hopefully i can score a decent cash some point soon and have good news to report.

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Horneris said...

OMGClayAiken. Is this a blog post or are my eyes deceiving me.

1st hand) Black cards pwn red cards obv. Bad play by you. shouldve folded pre. As with the action before you it was bv one of them would have at least one black card.

2nd hand) You shouldnt slow play big hands like Jack 5 offsuit.