Friday, June 01, 2007

Dublin Bound...

Jetting off to Dublin tomorrow for the £75 Freezeout APAT Ireland event. Im going with Linux, and will do a report when i return sometime on monday. Looking forward to meeting the characters whom await us.

Speaking of characters, went to SnipeR's to join him, Sledge13, Mazza and SnipeR's wife Mel, for a cracking homegame. The needling was out in full force, especially from SnipeR and Mazza towards Sledge, but babyface gave bk as much as he got, ship it wonga, obv. We played 3 deepstack freezouts, the first with a 30 min clock (zzzz) then the 2nd 2 with 10 minute clocks which were comedy.

Hopefully this can become a regular game as it was none stop laughter and total comedy.

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sledge13 said...

Yeah look forward to the next one (less drink for me!)Sniper and Mazza....pffft amateurs!

Gl in Ireland