Monday, June 11, 2007

Some Success...

ShipNutzzzzzz. Notched up win number 6 of 2007.

I got deep and decided as the money on this final didnt scare me, i would begin to make a few moves. Then this hand develops:

MP raises to 12K and gets 2 callers, MP had been very active and i thought chances were, he wasnt too strong and by the others flat calls they werent either. So i toyed with the idea of squeezing it, but thought better and ticked the ''fold'' option. Then ChipRich pops up on msn:

Well............... were not playin scrabble now says:
squeeze this

So i think fuck it, and do it. The result was sweet, and as i showed it. It meant i got paid off here:
So that put me in sweet shape and i couldn't really lose. So took that down for $870, while at the same time pulling out a 24th place in the $10r for $109. So not a bad afternoon on the stars MTT's.
I have put $200 on Party and $200 on FullTilt. And began to try gain some $26 tokens to play the various gtd's on FTP i had 6 and have played out those to no succes, but still have $220 + a $26 token so will be trying to grind out some more of them. On Party i've been playing the random regular tournies and not succeeded too much, and the balance is at $160. (Finally realised how to turn off the characters on there so ship that, ty Dale)
Playing live at Moortown tomorow and the whole motley crew should be down, should be a good laugh.

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sledge13 said...

Nice win Dave, good form....