Saturday, June 30, 2007

6 months as a ‘pro’…

I started playing very seriously when I returned from Australia on the 2nd of January. And its been a ride and a half so far. But I’ve loved doing it. I couldn’t imagine having one of those ‘job’ things and think doing what I do is great…

Halfway review:

Jan - +£3,512.38
Feb - +£1,078.95
As you can see, I got off the year to an absolute flyer, with 2 wins and a 2nd in the £8K on DTD aswell as a 1st and a 4th on the live front. And tbh, I thought I was invincible and could pwn anyone, how wrong that was.
Mar - -£1,323.20
Then came March, I was buying into big tournaments, and playing a lot of $3/6 and $5/10 to get even, and was clearly tilting hard, and doing ridiculous things. I remember under raising all in with Q high on the turn once, he called with K high and took it, so stupid. But I believe March was a good thing, it brought me to earth and let me know that I have to play good all the time and cant afford to make poor decisions regarding game selection if I am to continue doing it for a living. And It could have been even worse if it wasn’t for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th and the casino!
Apr - +£22.53
So, lesson learned and onto April…which was another very poor month but my game selecting had improved and I was sticking to tournaments mainly and not running too hot.
May - +£1,274.59
May was a very important month confidence wise and I managed to notch up some tourney wins/decent cashes. As well as making a few hundred from the sng challenge myself and Horneris had. It gave me the belief that I could continue on this path. Live was a blank month in May and ended up losing £69 despite having 10% of Chip Rich’s £1.6K score down in Luton.
Jun - +£1,239.35
I’ve really enjoyed June, and had a great month personally, not on the money front but on the life front. Beginning with an unforgettable trip to Dublin with Linux and then a great week of golf and beers in Spain. Online poker has been pretty poor again, but live has been great. I’ve not played much (6 tourneys) but feel I have got somewhere. I have played my first 2 £50+ slow structured freeze-outs and am proud to say coming 4/150 and 2/70 for £600 and £630 respectably. As well as a HU chop in the £10 w/1RBY for a further £200. I have been playing live poker at casino’s for 15 months now, and that’s my first ‘comma’ month live. So ship it, slow fo’s ftw ldo.

I had set a target of £1K per month for my first 12 months playing ‘pro’ (I don’t like using that word to describe myself tbh, but don’t really know how else to put it!) And am currently +£5797.82 after 6 months. Cant be too sad about falling short but only on minimal amount.

Currently im sorting stuff out for a house in Leeds for uni next year for Myself, Linux, Horneris and ChipRich which will be so heaven and i cant wait! And also a trip for a week or 2 to spain in september to kick back before uni starts for Myself, Sledge13, SnipeR, Horneris, ChipRich and Linux it will be a great week of golf, poker and beers in the sun.


Jim Stringer said...

so you took 2nd in the end then? ship it.

i can't believe i went out against 9 3 o/s. amazing. wp, gg, nh, bbq etc

sledge13 said...

Nice Result in Moortown...your on fire!

snoopy1239 said...

This brings back memories. Good luck, m8, whatever you do, don't ever get frustrated and do your bollox in one night. Sounds simple, but so many fall foul of playing tired and fuck it all up. Master discipline and you'll be fine.