Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Running so bad at the minute. After a great start to the month with a $2K score in the million, i was about +£700 after the first few days, this is now at -£45.60, nothing too drastic/damaging, but still nothing to be optimistic about.

I put £200 on DTD to try regain some of Jan/Feb's mentality, but not much has happened so far, but gonna keep hitting the £6K and $5K every night. Think i could catch a break in one.

After cashing out $2000 from stars, i have busto'd it for $500, then loaded another $500 on and busted that. On FullTilt its been similar and have now busted that.

I will load $500 onto FullTilt and $500 onto Party aswell as having £150 on DTD and start playing lots of tourneys. I cba with Stars and 100000 runner fields.

On the live side i've been one 70/30 away from winning £800 twice now. Once AQs losing to AJo 4 handed for a huge pot. Then JJ losing to K5o in another huge pot 11 handed. So sick how i've been running at vital times. But nevermind.

In other news, we nearly have our house sorted for uni/grinding next year. In headingly near all the heavenly bars, looking forward to moving in around early August. Its gonna be a shock for me when uni starts i think. Havn't used my brain properly in about 18 months, so we'll see how quickly i can adapt.

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