Thursday, July 26, 2007

Running well...

So, since the last post, i stuck to plan, putting $500 on Party and FullTilt. I did put $200 on stars against what i said, but only because i saw the pocketfives WCOOP main event sat with 3 seats added that i could'nt resist.

Party has been going well with the BR quickly up to $1050 from a few deep finishes and multiple finals. That is now back at around $800 from a dry spell. FullTilt got off to a good start quickly rising to $1000, with a 2/114 in a $22 FO. This dropped to $600 and is now up at $1900 after a 3rd in the $20r. DTD is slow going at £170, have been trying to play the £3.50 sats into the £6K, then just buying in anyway if i fail. But i have finalled in the £6K and the $5K recently, but unfortunately it was just a 10th and a 9th i think. Then stars is sat around $140 but i can never be arsed to play on it. Much prefer the torns on DTD, Party and FTP. But am currently +£600 for July again, so its been a really up and down month!

Coming up is the Moortown Masters this friday, hopefully i can make a decent score, or Horneris can, having swapped 20%. One time.

On the house hunt front, we are close to signing the contract, and am going into Leeds later to finalise it. As Horneris dropped out of the move (sad news) we had to start the hunt again, looking for 3 beds. And have settled on a brilliant flat that looks amazing inside and i can't wait to get moved in. Surprisingly i am really excited to start uni despite the work, hopefully it can help structure my life more not just the standard 'go to sleep when tired, wake up when not' scenario that i've faced for the past 14 months.

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