Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is alright...

Since the last post i cashed for $1.25K on Party for 5th in the $18K then took down the Moortown Masters for £1K.

Again the structure was heaven, until late on when it become sick with 5-10 bb's each. Managed some bigjoe2003 push botting and got to the final 2nd or 3rd of 9. Lucked out with A8 chopping with AT, when i fancied taking down the 35K of dead money in the pot. Then AJ beat AT and i was chipped up. After blinding away, pushbotting some more and AKs vs 77 holding, i flip good etc. I found myself HU.

The first hand of HU (him - 490K, me - 210K) he open shoves the button (blinds 10/20K) i look at A2. I said to him, well....u have KQ, maybe i was conveniently hoping but i called. He tabled KT and i held up. Then a few hands later i limped the button with 94c and got to see a 9d 8s 4d flop, he checked to me and i bet out 30K, the turn came a 7c and he again checked, i bet 55K and he moved in. I made the call and was shown 7d2d. Managed to dodge the diamond or 7 on the river and it was over.

We have signed the house contract and will be ready to move in between the 4th and the 6th. Just need to get broadband up then i'll consider moving.

Also, i found the pokerweek episode my brief appearance was on, (no interview, just a small profile):

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sledge13 said...

Nice win m8, having your kings cracked by me not a problem!