Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July roundup...

Perfectly timed last week of July just as i'm about to move into the flat, i managed to have a +£1999.59 which should help with bills.

In the first 7 months on 2007 i am currently +£7797.41 a whole £797.41 ahead of schedule! So am very pleased with myself.

Moortown is arranging 3 £50 FO's near the end of August, and i think i can make 2 of them (1 coincides with Leeds fest) hopefully i can do well and there should be some good money as 1 of the £50's is a 120 seat max torn.

No more news at the moment, hopefully next post will be from the flat, with some pic's of it.

1 comment:

moody13 said...

ill ship you 41p to make it a nice round £2k, k thnx