Friday, August 17, 2007


What a weird 2 weeks in online world:
1. Get off to a steady start = +£150
2. Grind grind grind = +£600
3. Ridic shots part 1 = +£350
4. Ridic shots part 2 = -£450
5. Grind grind grind = -£300
6. 2 2nds in a night = +£250

So, been yoyo'ing about a bit but am back on the right side of the line. And going to continue on my current diet of the $10-$55's and $5-$10r's. Seems to be doing the trick in the form of 3 2nds in mtts in the past 2 days. Beat: Losing all 3 HU. In fact, i've got HU in 5 mtt's on party since having the LeKnave_SISM account, and lost every single 1. So sick. Maybe il have to adapt, or maybe i'm just running bad once there. But cashing for $2K in those 3 torns helped out.

Flat news - Still not moved in, im such a laze and cant be actually arsed to sort my stuff here, and theres no need to as i have the whole place to myself while family are still away. Finally got onto BT and broadband should be ready to go by next friday. So thats the new date. Either then or thurs. Or maybe monday if i can be arsed to have some live grinding going on every night. I thinks i'd still be too bored though, so probs be thurs/fri.

Here is my interpretation of week 1 of living there:

Rich and James will be fighting non-stop i guess. And il be kicking back on the sofa.



sledge13 said...
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sledge13 said...

oops deleted...lololol tho at the pic, kick it back on the sofa and watch the games begin...

moody13 said...

lolol pooptoad in the picture

sledge13 said...

Oi update!!!!