Monday, August 13, 2007

Norrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm pretty sick and very stupid.

Despite last post, i couldn't resist another shot at the glory of the sunday majors.

Played basically every torny on party investing about $550, and getting back about $50, then on fulltilt i spent around $500 (including $90 in sats to the $1M, then directly buying into it for $322) and cashing for $0. On stars i invested $70 and got back around $180. Typical that i run ok in the $11 $100K, the world hugest donkament. But like death in $300K and $1M.

But yeah whatever blew like $900 on the day and am currently at (-£141.22) for August. Terrible discipline but hey gotta take a shot to win huge sometime.

Its back to actually grinding now. And the good thing is, i HAVE to have a break, apart from 2moro. As moving on tuesday and the internet wont be up til fri/sat i dnt think.

So the aim for 2moro is to grind out like 150 $11 turbo sng's on party, and try run @ like 20% to make back the $280 that im stuck in August, then when i get internet in the flat i can go for it in $10-$55 FO's and $5-10 rbys. And NO exceptions.

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Horneris said...

The $20r (10k) on Party should be your only exception.

Just stick to either one rebuy, or one add on and your max spend can be $42.