Sunday, August 12, 2007

Taking Shots...

As i was +£600 for the first 8 days or whatever of August, i thought id have a few shots at some bigger tournys.

Starting on the thurday i played the $55 FO, $22r and $33r on party, and had no success in those or ne others that day, and finished down $300, then had a grinding day on friday and lost another $100 then tonight (saturday) i had a shot in FTOPS#5, which was a $100r, i got in for about $40, then topped up at the break for $100, and have just been busted for a sweet pot with TT vs AK, the board coming a lovely XXXXK. Sigh...

But after those shots im still +£346 for the month to date. And now its grind time. Just gonna hit party mtt's every day ($10-$55 FO's, $5-10r's) as well as all the $26's on ftp.

Maybe i will take 1 or 2 shots 2moro, at a sunday major. I will see how i feel.


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