Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb round up...

I'm so fkin lazy now. I'm pretty sure its all due to that retarded prop bet. Ever since then i've put in maybe 1 decent session. I had been putting in half sessions and just playing ftp and stars. Had a bit of success in the 15K on ftp coming 2nd for $2.3K, but lost to the worlds worst player HU.

In my one full session i managed to final the 20K $30r on iPoker, it was crapshootish as usual and i decided it would be good to run like death, i ran QQ into AKs and JJ and lost a monster 320K pot with 7 left to go 1/5, the board ran out 6789T so i was left with half of the 140K side pot. Down to 70K with blinds at 5/10K. I shoved the next hand with A2s > QJo and was back to 140Kish. I then proceed to get into another massive pot with the JJ guy from before with AQ vs AJ and it fired out XXXXJ, LOL donkaments imo. So i busted 5th for $1K, sigh 1st for $5.4K would've been ok.

Despite being a lazy unfocused month feb still brought £3,128.58 profit. £510 of that was live poker wins, which is now in the green for 2008.

Planning a weekend trip to dtd for the £300er in April as sledge won the blonde league and shipped the seat. Hopefully itl be a fail safe way to blow £440 + hotel/petrol costs, ship it.

So, March is on its way and im going to get back playing a tonne, even though i got lolowned in March last year and this year is following a similar pattern!

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