Monday, March 17, 2008

Sickest sunday ever...

This weeks blonde sunday thread was probs the most depressing of all time. I think we were all bringing each other down, not even the golden one (moorman1) could get anything going.

I played 5 majors; Stars million and warm up, Tilt brawl, Party 300K and Blonde 200K. I ran ok in the brawl and warm up for a while but busted my stack off in these 2 hands in the warm up:

sb shove #1
sb shove #2

I tilted off pretty hard in the brawl when i popped it in the cut off with A6h and the sb 3bet shoved and i snap tilt called it, his AKs held ldo, i was then down to like 3k @ 250/500 and found AA utg+1 and shoved then held vs AQ. Back to 6800 and 3bet shoved over a lp 1250 open and a flat caller with ATo, the OR re-shoved with KQo and i somehow held so i got back in it with 15K. I got 3bet shoved on a few times and was back to 10K and shoved over a serial limper @ 500/1000 with QJd, he called with 56c and won.

I played about $2K worth of donkaments and cashed for about $100 lol, luckily i had satted into all 5 of the majors i played, so it was only a -$1K day. Next time i go for it on a sunday im certainly cutting out a tonne of small donkaments, no good can come from playing tht amount of volume, i cdnt concentrate at all with like 15 tables on the go.

Got a shed load of live stuff coming up:

DTD team event on sat 22nd and will play the £55 later that night.
DTD £300 on April 5/6th with sledge, hotel booked etc. 1time live poker.
bB6 @ DTD on May 10th
APAT Ireland in June

Dropping back to $55fo's and $25r's for the remainder of March to see if i can get out of my $3K hole!


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Gogogogogo TEAM IMO!