Friday, March 28, 2008

Being a laze...

I'm back hardly playing solid sessions at the mo, about a day after the last post i took down the $33 $10K on stars for $2.8K which got me back to like $700 stuck for the month. Since then i've spewed another $800 in half sessions. So stuck like $1.5K with 3 days to go in March, hopefully will get another 2 massive sessions in on sunday and monday. 1time get in the green!

The DTD team event was absolutely comedy we set off at about 10:30 and got to notts in v good time it was all going well until the satnav bird told us to drive through a massive metal fence which was gonna be pretty tough. So we got Fran on the phone to direct us to her house! She pulled out some ballin' t-shirts she'd had done for team 'imo' and we got a taxi to dtd.

Probs wasnt the best idea to start necking pints @ 1pm and after a dtd burger we were off. I never got started in the tourney after spewing like 2K with AA in hand 5. There were 2 limpers for 50 and the sb completed, so i popped it to 250 total in the bb with AA. The utg limper flatted and we were head up to the QTX flop. I lead 300 which he snap minraised to 600, i took a card off which came another T. I checked, and he checked behind. At this point hes usually got a QJ or some other livedonk hand. The river bricked and i v-betted 1K, which he dwell called with JT, wtf? So yeah tht was me down to 975 and push/folding for the rest. Eventually the same guy limped utg on my bb again and i shoved with A8o, he called with AJo, sigh. I busted in level 3 but was the 3rd person in the team to bust, so it was looking great. Maria busted a while later and it was all down to Fran. We were all sat behind here having some banter and when she got it in with AT vs 99 we wer all stood up. A ten peeled in the window and chants of ''yesssss, thts how we roll'' were echoing round the room but a 9 ball followed it quickly. kill us plz.

I played the £55 fo a while later and was pretty tired by this point and after spinning to 13K by the break with KK>KK (apologies for being that golden). I got moved to sledge and dan's table which proved to be comedy and i valuetowned some guy with my KJ on a JJXKX board vs his AK. Then i played a pretty weird hand. I popped it with KJ utg+2 to 1650 (300/600/50) and the new guy called with a big stack. The flop came KTX with 2 spades, i lead for 2200 which he flatted. The turn came another brick bringing a second club on board, i think for a while and am pretty sure he has some sort of combo spade/straight draw, so i just move in for like 10K. He absolutely snapped it i was like fk my life why do i always do this when ppl flat me in pos with sets. Turns out he had Tc6c for a pair and a fd. Some how the river bricked and i was up to like 30k. After this i just kept popping it and getting 3bet shoved a lot. And eventually busted 14th after 3bet shoving a terrible player with ATo, he had AJ. sigh.

Should be successfully switching uni courses this week so il be free til october, ship it massively. The course im currently on has a placement year for its 2nd year which would be such a beat i cnt face doing it. And the new course will finish @ the same time i would do anyway.

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