Monday, April 07, 2008

DTD £330...

Was pretty excited to play this tourney, with 10K and 45 min levels inc every level under the sun + antes it was going to be a sick structure.

Too bad i suck and misplayed 2 hands pretty hard costing myself a tonne of chips i could've saved.

Got of to a decent start getting paid off by Ali Mallu with AQ > AJ on a AKxxx board. Was up to 13k by the end of level one, then get QQ utg and pop it to 300 @ 50/100, mp calls and the button makes it 1300, he was pretty terrible @ poker and i take a flop off, it comes out 7 high rainbow. I check and he fires 1300 again, i felt this was pretty weak, so took another card of to eval. The turn bricked and he made it 2500, i should obv just fold to this bet but like i said, i suck @ poker so i call. The river brings K and i check, he checks behind with AA wtf?

After that hand i was down to like 8K, but still a tonne of play. After the second break i grinded from 7800 to 8250, and call an utg raise to 800 and mp flat with 99 from the sb. It come 9c 8c 2h. I check, utg leads 1100 and mp makes it 3100. I think for about 30 seconds, shrud and ship my 7500 into the middle, utg folds and mp dwells before calling with QQ. I hold and i'm up to 20K. This is where PeteL really turns it up a notch and start raising and c-betting every hand, to which ppl are spewing off tonnes of chips to him. I just decide to stay out his way as he's awesome and can probs read my soul.

Then comes another spew hand for me, i pop it utg with AJo to 1075 @ 200/400, utg+1 flats as does PeteL in LP. It comes down JTx with 2 spades, i lead 2025 and utg+1 calls (hes just been moved here fwiw). The turn bring the Kc and i check as i'm not deep enough to fire again. He insta bets 3200. This confused me and i took a card off. The river bricked and i checked again (debated putting a blocker in) He thought then bet 5K. I had 13.5K back and i think he has to have a set or a busted flush draw (he 3bet a OR before with AJo so i think he 3bets AQ pre so tht was probs out the question). I doubt its a thin v-bet with a K and a set probs raises me on the flop with PeteL to act after him and JsTs on the board. I decided to look him up and he flips TT. wp Dave.

Now i'm down to 7500 and in the bb. MP limps (he had been every hand) Pete made it 1500 and the sb called it (as he did every hand) i'm ready to shove pretty light and hope MP didnt limp too strong. As Petes range is massive and sb is 99% passing. It made shoving pretty easy when i looked down @ AQc. MP folded and Pete dwelled before calling with a 9To, the sb folded and it was on there backs. I decided to lose despite it coming Jc 7c but a 9h sent me to the rail.

Thoroughly enjoyed the structure and the fields so soft, just a bitch tht i had Pete 3 to my left all day. And we didn't break the table til after i busto'd. I'll probs be back next month.

In online news at the end of March i scored a $4K cash for 3rd in the $50K which sent the month into the green for about $2K, wiiiiii etc. And last night i cashed for $1.5K in the 30r on iPoker, this aswell as $1.2K in cashes on thursday night (taking down the $10r 6max and coming 5th in the $5r for about $550 a piece) means April is only $500 in the red so far.


Amatay said...

Who is this PeteL bloke, sounds like a nightmare. ul with the aq there thou mate

sledge13 said...

Monster munch ftw

snoopy1239 said...

Can't believe I wasn't credited for my magnificent photography. :-0