Monday, April 14, 2008

Dropping down :(

Been playing pretty high lately for such a bankroll nit, and been investing like $1.5K-$2K a day on torns.

I'd love to stay up there and kick it for a while, but im stuck ~$4K in April so far so i'm gonna drop down and grind hard for a while before moving back up.

Dropping down will involve a schedule of $10-$55's and $3-22r's rather than $22-$109's and $10-33r's. Its a bit of a sigh tht i could'nt get off to a sick start @ the higher stuff and i was only a flip or 2 away from a big score coming between 10-18th in the tilt 109 3 times in 4 attempts was a massive beat, especially the time i ran KK < AA for a sick pot with 11 left.

In other news, i shipped an iPod touch in, its absolutely crucial and will hopefully make live poker less tedious.

Edit: Will be on a hiatus from stars and tilt for a while and will be grinding everything on blonde, party and dtd. PS, brag: posted this edit on my iPod touch!


Tinca Tinca said...

Step back up and keep out of my yard :)

Good luck with the grind.

Amatay said...

ul mate. Prob wise decision to drop down. I've played a few MTT's on Party recently. Your user name is LeKnave something on there aint it :-)

snoopy1239 said...

"been investing like $1.5K-$2K a day on torn"

Fook me! :-0

LeKnave said...

Yeah, LeKnave_SISM on pty lol. Stay out his way, he pwns souls.

snoopy1239 said...
"been investing like $1.5K-$2K a day on torn"

Fook me! :-0

I know degen fk etc. A few days of running bad is too sick atm.