Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blonde Bash 6...

Had been looking forward to this for ages and was eager to get down to notts early and start drinking. As usual we fail at being early and Brent is driving through from tad with Gib and Steele who take forever so me and Rich decide to bomb into Headingley and ship a subway. We just get bk to the flat before them and we'r ready to go, at the new start time of 5:30 rather than 3:00.

The drive is a breeze and i don't think we have any near collisions like we usually do. And after getting abuse for driving 50mph all the way through that 'av speed' zone (which you obv have to) we were in nottingham, Steele had shotgun and begin beeping the horn to every car which put me on ridic tilt especially after he did it to this dodgy looking guy at some traffic lights! Nowhere to run vs dodgy guy in nottingham = imminent shooting ldo. We somehow got to the holiday inn alive and saw Kev in front of the hotel, somehow every blondebash its always Kev we see first. We meet Mayhew in the lobby and check in.

We go up to don some ballin' shirts and i pwn Mayhews soul at high card, you're not playing with amateurs here son, i've not lost a flip for years. So a bevvy in the hotel bar with floppy, dunk and crew and we were off into town. Met claimer and fran at walkabout and about 25 mins later taxi#2 met up with us, gatso's crew stole our 2nd taxi so by the time we met Brent etc we were in the 2nd bar of the night. A tonne of beers and a banging rendition of Busted's 'what i go to school for' by myself, claimer and gib on the kareoke and we were on our way. I was pretty wasted by this point and remember going to 2 more bars, then hitting dtd. Managed 1 beer in dtd then was cut off after trying to order a glass or merlot with Nick Hicks.

Me and dunk begin betting on random shit and i own him relatively hard, but spew that back and then some in a £20 sit and go. Where gatso cripples me AJs < AQ then bust to Benjo the French Antonio Esfandiari A7 into QQ. Mayhew ships in a McD's from the DriveThru only place despite every1 saying we had no chance.

I get up at some ridic time like 9am as Mayhew and Gib are getting up to go to footy, i cdnt be arsed playing as usual but didnt mind being awake as SoccerAM was on followed by the Palace vs Bristol City game. Gib came back after numerous hours of me falling in and out of sleep still fucked from the night before and we get ready to hit dtd and win bb6.

I start on the cokes as im still hammered and defo cdnt even think about facing food. The tourney gets off after the announcements and awards etc. I've got JC to my left who i hadn't played with before but knew out of all the ppl it could have been, he wasn't the best to have there, sigh. Got off to a pretty quiet start but the table was gonna be pretty easy. Popped it in the c/o with 86c and lead at a 457r flop 4 ways but everyone turbo folded, JC claims to have soulread me and mucked 77.

I just keep playing small pots before finding AA and a 5.5K stack in the bb @ 150/300/25. Its folded to the button, delboy who pops it to 900. I think about flat calling but decide to just try get it in, i make it 2775 and he shoves for 3200ish. Obv i snap and he tables 55 which insta gets there. This was pretty huge to lose as we were at the stage where i could open it up and feast on passive players ante's but being knocked down to 2.3K was a huge beat and meant i had to grind ridic hard.

I pretty much maintain my stack shoving and getting it through and was just waiting til i got called. JC made that a reality when i shoved the button and he called the in the sb tabling A7c. I sweat mine and find 2 none accross's, oh great, needs to be AA or 23 or im dead. Boom, i peel the 23 over but a 2c in the window peels, i tell him not to worry as he has made a fd with one card. Another 2 on the flop seals it pretty hard tho. weeeeeee. Me and him could've both probs mowed this table except we could never get any chips together when needing to hold in a showdown.

I get up to like 10Kish after busting theduke and shipping his £50 bounty, it was a massive sweat though, never easy. I shoved in E-MP with KQo and he gambles with T9s. It comes a flush draw and a gutter and 2 live cards for him to hit on the end but a perfect bricks ships it hard and trumper came and sent the bounty over, ship the red note ldo.

At this point our 5man crew round our end of the table began to disperse. Delboy and JC bit the dust, JC ran bad again and was crippled JJ < AA. I get to double up with QQ into the sb re-steal with 9T and im up to 24K. We decided to chop the 26man last longer for £65 each and i busto 2 mins later shoving K6h into an ITB crew members AKo. Sick timing to chop it. Shippp.

After busting (had started drinking at this point, come to think of it, thats probs the point the poker went downhill) i went and got a dtd burger, as they are defo ftw. Then we proceeded to sit at the table in front of the bar for hours drinking and betting on pretty much anything. Brent decided he would take any bet on the US racing then started sweating when Rod Paradise had £4 on a 60/1 shot. Flushy and Gareth came over and then the sick shit really kicked in. Flushy started being a ridic degen laying £60 vs £50 cf's and eventually a couple of £300 cf's! He got stuck like £500 but managed to spin it all back up somehow, he runs good. Mayhew was trying to spin the fk out of whatever he could and went busto once, but bet his cigs vs flushys fiver to get back in the game. oiiiiii oiiiii.

Jen somehow took it down and i went to congratulate/tell her she must be more golden than god at the bar. As i came over i was offered a 'mini guinness' or some shit, a shot that looked like a guinness and an excited laxie and her husband we're telling me i had to do it. So after 2 of those i was fked again and looked over to the computers to see everyone starting another trademark 'Horneris' Penis' thread. I had a genius idea of every1 getting on a differant comp and making one at the same time. Needless to say well all got a 12 hour ban. Finally i got banned! ship!

We got back to the hotel late again and tried to order room service but the phone was busto, so we 3 way flipped for who goes down stair to order it. I lost, which was pretty devastating. I went down and ordered 3 chicken curry, rice and naan's which would be up in 20-25 mins apparently. Well, i'm still waiting for it mate! The next thing i know its 11am and im lay on top of my covers fully clothed still. Must've passed out waiting for it. I go back to bed til 1 and get ready to go pwn the HU tourn.

We somehow get a bye through round 1 so our £100 team buy in is worth £175 already, senddddd the free money. We get Jen and floppys team in the round of 8 and i crush floppys soul by flipping like a machine after getting down to a 800 < 4200 chip deficit. In round 2 its at 2-2 and all riding on Brent vs George2Loose and a flip ftw. Brent has KQc and Rupinder has A6. It comes out xxK and we go crazy, a 6 on the turn followed by another on the end crushes our final dreams. We chop 3rd place money with Sharpleas team as half of them are in the PLO still and its a bit harsh making them come grind the HU for just £56 lol.

We say our goodbyes and head to pizza hut where we fume as theres no large bases left so we cant have a cheesey bites pizza. So ridic brudel. We hit home at 9:30pm ish and i just lie in bed all night not going to sleep til like 4am. Degen sleeping pattern is back so hopefully i can grind like a ninja for a few weeks and carry the form on that i left with.


Amatay said...

ahahahha, nice write up mate, sounds like a crack. I might join you fish in the next meet.
Oh btw, i saw u boost in 10th i think it was in the 33rb on pp with jj versus A7. How the fuck does he call off a large % of his stack with shit like that with other fish still to act behind him, gg wp ul. sucks cok m8

LeKnave said...

Yeah come along next time, always a good laugh.

LOL i was shooting for bk to bk in that 30r as i took it down the night b4. Gay call but nvm.

sledge13 said...

Nice report Macca...

TheHat said...

sounds like comedy , nice write up