Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Been running pretty bad of late, doesn't help much having spent a tonne of money with moving to the flat either! Been on a $7K downswing since that 50r win back in early July ($2K of that is live staking + % buying so only a $5K downswing for myself). $5500 of that has been losses in August online ($6.1K inc live poker) so i'd got off my downswing by the end of july but August has been a month of running below exp. Despite this i'm gonna take a smash at the dtd deepstack festival this weekend, guess i'll play the 500 and if i busto, the 300. Hopefully i'll run/play good live for once instead of tilting and running bad, not a good combo imo.

Not put too many sessions in for August. Gonna try crush sessions in for the last 2 weeks of the month to play through this terrible spell and get out.

Anyway f poker talk, onto the flat. Its not full on finished yet, i need to buy a 32inch tv for my room and a desk lol, wtf @ being an online poker player and not having a desk in their room yet. Been grinding on the dining table recently lol. The 42inch tv and ps3 in the lounge are crucial, even tho i constantly get my ass handed to me at call of duty 4 by jap's online. Sky still isnt sorted, but we have digital tv so we can get by. When we went and bought the tv we embarrassed ourselves coming out of tesco with £950 worth of stuff and upon arriving at my car we were like how the hell is this gonna fit! [ ] rich enjoyed the drive home, brents inspired shotgun call was major +liveEV as rich had to sit in the back on a folded down backseat with huge tv + tv stand boxes crushing him into the window. Then came getting the £950 of stuff up 3 flights, having a lift is a pretty big brag though.

Was thinking of getting some art/photo's up on the walls to give it a bit of something. If anyone has any decent sites when we can get some big travel posters of vegas/new york. Or any decent gambling art it would be appreciated.

Anyway, i'll post a dtd500 tourney report next week.


4dam said...

Hi ya fella, Just came accross your blog. The slump always happens just have to ride the storm.

Anyway a site i used for posters and art for gambling was just search gambling, poker, and vegas sure they will have a pic or 2 you will like.

All the best 4dam(may see you DTD this weekend if i dont celebrate my birthday to hard)

Pokermaniak said...

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