Saturday, August 30, 2008

DTD + Downswings...

I was planning on doing a detailed trip report of the dtd500 but i've left it a while and so most details are sketchy. Pre the dtd500 my downswing had hit $9.8K so a score in the 500 would have been appreciated.

Middy got to mine about midday and we went down the road to pick up Floppy. The drive down to notts was easy enough despite totally missing claimer at the holiday inn bar arranged for 1:15. Probs due to us pissing about in Leeds for ages, we checked into the room and got off to dtd asap. I wasn't at my first table for too long, but i had one hand of interest:

Stack: ~15K, BB: ~12K. I hold JTo in the cut off @ 25/50
Preflop: folds to me and i raise to 150, btn folds, sb folds, bb defends.
Flop: Js 5d 9d, he checks and i fire 200, he calls.
Turn: 5c, he checks and i shell 400, he c/r'd to 1000. Being so early i didn't have much to go on here, folding seemed super weak so i decided id take one off and see how he reacted to the river.
River: 6c, he leads out 2500, i tank for quite a while, and look over to him and hes just staring at me, this is kindof a standard attempt to look super strong by an inexperienced live player. With this and that he doesn't show up with a 5 often enough to make it a fold, i call and he mucks.

I get a table change and then another one, i end up in seat 1 on a table where i know a few people, Steve Jellinek was in seat 2, Dave Colclough in seat 8 and Daniel Rudd (upthemariners) in seat 9. So not the most excellent table change considering how bad the field was in general.

I can't really remember many hands from this spell, but i chip up to 20K and then decide it'll be a good idea to shell off half of it:

My stack: ~20K, BB: ~12K. I am dealt KQo in the cutoff @ 150/300/25.
Preflop: folds to me and i raise 850, btn folds, sb folds and bb defends.
Flop: T54r, bb checks and i fire out 1100 which he calls pretty quickly.
Turn: 5, bb checks over again and i decide to shell a second barrel of 3150 out there to rep an over pair, he again calls.
River: J, he checks over again and i think he can't be overly strong and a 3rd barrel should blow him out a lot of the time, so i blast out 6200 in there and he goes into the tank. He looks as if hes going to muck and then rolls 6200 in and tables 88. Pretty sick call down, I guess he didnt think i'd go for 3 full streets of value with QQ+, and could probs only expect me to have JJ or a bluff.

So down to 9K, but at 150/300 its not the end of the world. I scoop a round of blinds and antes and have ~10K when i get a spot to double up.

My stack: ~10K, cut off (elblondie) ~25K. I am dealt JJ in the sb @ 200/400.
Preflop: folds to elblondie and he makes it 1050, btn folds and i 3bet to 3700. He dwell and flat calls.
Flop: 892r, i tank and then move in for 5200, which elblonde calls pretty fast with 9Ts. I think his preflop call is somewhat spewy there. His hand plays pretty poorly in this spot as im going to be jamming 100% of my range on every flop.

Shortly after this is get another chance to get it in:

My stack: ~22K, utg+1: ~18K, mp1 (elblondie): ~25K. I am dealt AcKc in the hijack @ 200/400
Preflop: utg+1 opens to 1050, elblondie flat call, i 3bet to 4800. utg+1 tanks before flatting, as does elblondie.
Flop: 8c 3d Ad, both check to me and i'm unsure of how much to bet, with ~15K in there and ~15K back, i fire in 7200, which is probably a mistake looking back on it. open shoving and maybe checking back are better. They both fold pretty quickly and i'm up to 33K.

I have a pretty active image at the table and a guy opens, and i look down at AA. I 3bet him and he comes straight in for a 4bet leaving not much behind, i just set him in and he calls with QQ. I hold and shoot up to about 65-70K. My high point of the day gets to ~90K, but i run TT into AA and spew a few when folding on the turn. I finish the day 3/33 with 82.9K.

I go back to the hotel and as i've drank at least 8 redbulls during the day i'm pretty wired, so read the updates and finally fall asleep pretty late. I wake up at about 8am and have a shower and get dressed, no idea why i did this as playing didnt start until 3pm and i'd had like 3 hours sleep. So i decided it's probs a good idea to go to sleep again, which i do until about 1pm before getting up and having a shower and getting dressed for the 2nd time. We roll over to dtd and meet claimer with a half hour or so to spare before the start of play.

I get off to a really bad start to the day spewing about 15K raising and cbetting to get c/r'd. I get moved to the right of Richard Hawes and 2 to the right of Tom Rutter who's game i'm unfamiliar with. I decide i cba getting involved with Rich as itl just end in some stupid 4bet jam by one of us.

I gather fairly quickly that Tom Rutter has a really solid game. I open in mp3 with A5s and he 3bets the btn, i wanted to jam but thought that would be super rash having just got to the table and i can't just assume as he's a about 21 that he'l be 3betting in position light. So i passed.
A few hands later i get a spot to get involved.

My stack: ~65K, mp1: ~50K. I hold AQo in the hijack @ 500/1000/100
Preflop: utg limps, as does mp1, i raise to 5200 and it folds back to mp1 who calls.
Flop: T86r, i he checks over to me and i fire 7200, he flats pretty quickly and i'm pretty much giving up on the hand here.
Turn: Qc (mbn etc) he checks over again, and i decide to check back and try get value on the river rather than turn, checking back helps induce some river action incase he was on some weird float on the flop.
River: 7, he thinks and shells out 9K, and i call him pretty fast. He tells me i must win and mucks when seeing my AQ. He claims he had a small pair, which is kindof a weird line as i feel a pair has some showdown value vs me in that spot so would be happier if he check called rather than turning the hand into a bluff.

This sends me back up to around 90K and im dealt another hand utg:

My stack: ~90K, cut off: ~60K, i am dealt TT utg @ 500/1000/100.
Preflop: I open to 2700 and he 3bets me to 11K. Here i go into the tank, i could tell he had been waiting to pull something as he was becoming increasingly frustrated with myself, Rich and Tom opening pretty frequently preflop. So in the end i decided to set him in, he calls, as you do with AA. And holds, so i'm back down to 30K. sigh.

Soon after this we get an hour dinner break and myself, middy, Tom and Claimer shoot off to nando's. We decide in true degenerate fashion we will order together and flip for the lot. Flip a coin each, odd one out loses. I manage to flip a tails to the others heads in the first toss. Claimer gets excited and being cheering and shouting ''weeeee sixty-two bones yo!'' (the bill came to £62). Claimer is full of banter at the table talking about him ready to hit the 300, ''its weird, i played the 500 like 100% concentrating, i dont usually do that, i'm just gonna get the drink flowing for this £300er and splash about you know'' cue weird hand motion to demontrate whipping chips into the pot and a tirade of laughter from Tom, Middy and me! Trigg is always hilarious on trips to tournaments and he once again delivered with this speech.

We mosey on back to DTD and get ready to crush, i have 48K @ 2Kbb so still enough play. I stack 13K off this off in hands i cannot remember, but i wasnt too active having Rich and Tom both to my left. When i find a semi-perfect spot to get a stack in.

My stack: ~35K, utg+2 (Tom Rutter): ~100K, btn: ~50K. I hold KQo in the bb.
Preflop: Tom opens for 5200 and has been pretty active, the btn flat calls and i jam from the bb. I think my stack size is pretty perfect here to move in, and KQ plays pretty well vs ranges of both players. Tom tanks and folds before the button goes into the tank. He tanked for a solid 3minutes, and i thought he probs had around 66-88. He eventually calls with JJ! And i lose the race.

So i'm gone in 14th for £0. ship. The £300 is still taking reg's and i'm semi tempted into doing so by trigg and middy. But then come to my senses and gtfo of there. After a few torns online in the hotel room and a decent sleep we'r in the car home. After a looooooong ride back i finally get out and am back in headingley.
So that £500 loss pops the downswing to $10.8K and back home to crush online to cut that down. Had some success immediatly by winning the tilt turbo fiddy for $4.8K on monday. Safe to say i ran pretty good obv. I managed to bank another 2 winning days on the bounce with a 3rd in one of the big doubles for $1300 and a few other decent scores on tilt. So i've managed to claw back $6.5K of the loses. Hopefully i can keep the form going right through to wcoop.

Speaking of wcoop, i'm toying with the idea of selling some shares in myself for both the $530NL and the $1050NL. Probably in a package deal combining both tournaments. I'll play the $215 and $320 6maxes on my own dime, but the higher buy-ins and insane fields will be variance inducing, so selling some shares off might be a good idea.


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