Thursday, July 31, 2008


Went to spain for a week to our villa and got back 4 days ago. The golf courses are in such sick condition, its like playing off carpet, awesome stuff. Got my game kindof back while there, carded a 13 over 85 round La Finca by the last day. Prob gonna join @ Cookridge Hall next week when we're moved in and start playing competitively again.

First day back looked potentially sick. Finalled the ipoker 50r, party 20r and ipoker 25r 6mx. But 2 4th's in the smaller ones and a 9th in the 50r resulted in like $3K in cashes and a +$1500 day. Could have been much sicker but nevermind.

The next day was a nightmare but managed to get out with a $1300 cash in the tilt 15K and a $500 cash in the pty super 162 for like 10th or summit.

Day 3 was a huge slowroll day, i built stacks in tonnes of stuff but ran real bad deep and whifffed every torny except a default $150 cash for the ipoker 30r that got cancelled. Tilt hit the midnights-130's to get out, so made the days investment bigger and a -$1850 day. So we'r marginally down from returning from holiday.

This weekend sees the DTD£300 return, theres quite a crowd going down, Me and my faithful stable Horneris and ChipRich, 1time boys. Aswell as Hitthehole, Claretcougar and TheClaimer,[ ] gl to those guys. Prob lose £990 tho, hopefully we can a day 2 sweat.

Got a good story to show how much a degen fk Horneris is. I bank shipped him £330 so he could buy himself in online for the DTD300. 10 mins later he goes fk, i've just lost ur £330 on bfair. Hopefully he'l make it up by winning me some bags when he actually gets to the torn.

Hoping to run good online and in the DTDer so that i can hit the Luton GUKPT and a few sideys a week on saturday. As well as DTD's deepstack 2 weeks later with a £550 ME and £330 sidey.
And the big news, the flats finally sorted to go through and we'l be moved in on friday! Looking forward to shelling out a dime for a 42in tv and ps3 aswell as crucial other stuff to make it a sick pad.


SnipeR said...

best o luck mate wiv flat and ur tourneys, nice to see u getting out and crushing em live....le knave ftw!!

foldedaces2 said...

rumour has it ur buying a pool table and a poker table 2? u gna invite CPT?
lol at brent

Alex Martin said...

gl knave, i reckon ur on the verge of being the next moorman, keep it going and think how far uv come in such a short time. gl in DTD!