Monday, September 29, 2008


Been a while since I updated last (orly?). Have had a winning month up til now, but its been pretty swingy. Had a +$10K day early ish with winning the tilt 20r for $6K and 2nd in the pty 100f for a further 3.5K then 2 $1K cashes in pty30r and wcoop#1. Since then I had a tough grind through dusting off about 1-2K most days i played, but i wasnt putting that much volume in tbf.

One sunday I felt i achieved something, I was getting hammered all day and managed a 2nd in the pty30r but still needed another 2K to get out, so i extended my session til the 4am's and managed to go deep in the stars 100f coming like 4th or thereabouts for $2100. Scoop the +$100 day!

Then came blondebash with Rich + Ty, bombed down at redic o'clock in the morning. 1 crucial service station full english and a 3 hour car ride later, we were pulling into sunny luton. The weekend was a great crack sharing a table with flushy, at it bradley and maldini for decent spells was hilarious. Got some chips after spiting jizzems 3bet jam over my open with 82s for 90% of my stack and binking vs his AJo. After that it was pretty rosy. With 10 left me and maldini got into a monster pot. I held AQc and opened to ~9500 @ 2/4K and he peeled from the bb, it rolled off Jc Tc Th and he c/r my 13,500 bet to 53,500. I jammed him in for another 20-30Kish and he called with KJo, a brick on the turn and a lovely 2c on the river and i was 1/9 with 210K of the 666K! mbn. Ran pretty cold on the final and could only manage 4th lol.

The sunday was v comedy we dusted the HU instantly and began flipping each other, this resulted in me rich maldini and dunk sitting down to flip with cards, soon amatay and bongo were involved for £2 a hand @ random games, it all spiralled and soon we had a 10 handed game going with sidebets for scooping hi/lo pots and making 5 of a kind (2 decks got involved). If an all red flop rolled off the seats 6-10 were dead, and if 3 blacks flopped seats 1-5 were dead, a classic moment was when a 3 red flop rolled out and maldini shouts ''send it all over here, im huge, im massive here''. Ironsides cheer upon scooping a hi/lo pot before his face dropping when he realised a 12 man round was coming out his pocket. Was all quality fun many people mainly amatay and celtic were seen walking away shouting ''i've done my fkin bollox @ £2 showdown, fml''.

Managed another winning sunday yesterday to the tune of about $4200. Could have been a big one when i made the tilt 163f final 1/9 with $29.5K ftw but i busted 7th after semi butchering a hand vs irish_chop who went on to win the lot. Got $3800 for this and another $2400 for 2nd in the pty6K 100f.

Finally booked ireland trip and will be going to dtd this weekend for the 300f. Hopefully will win the lot for once live.

In life news, uni has started and should be ok, hopefully il stick with it and scramble a degree in 3 yrs!

Props to Ben mfkin Turnstill who scooped the absolute lot in the tilt brawl for a lovely $73diiiiiiiime score. Beers on him in Dublin imo.


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lol, nice post fish. Im still on tilt after that 2 squid showdown. sooo siiik

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